Quick Solutions to the Most Common IRS Problems


  • Forgiveness of Tax Debt 

    The vast majority of people who owe taxes are honest people in financial trouble through no fault of their own. They need help. They need a way to solve the problem.  Find out more on how you can get forgiveness of tax debt now.  


  • Surviving a Tax Audit 

    If you receive an audit notice from the IRS, it is very important that you know the rules and even more important to let the IRS know you are not an uninformed citizen. The more rights you assert, the better off you will be.   


  • Solving Tax Collection Problems 

    Responding to IRS correction notices
    Canceling IRS penalties and interest
    What is the statute of limitations on collections
    How to eliminate liens
    Spousal tax relief
    How to stop a wage or bank levy
    How and when to use the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate


  • Preventing Tax Problems 

    Audit proofing your tax return and understanding extension options.  

  • Lowering Your Tax

    How to double — even triple — your tax refund
    How to use affidavits to pay less tax
    3 Tips to lowering your tax  


  • Protecting Your Business

    It’s not enough to be the creative genius behind your company. You also have to keep your company out of trouble with the IRS.  

Solutions - Book Packages

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IRS Abuse Prevention Package $59

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      - How to Win Your Tax Audit

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   - The IRS Problem Solver
   - How to Win Your Tax Audit

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IRS Defense Library $249

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