Package #1 IRS Abuse Prevention


IRS Abuse Prevention Package $59   Save $10

Running your own business is not easy…
It’s not enough to be the creative genius behind your company. You also have to keep your company out of trouble with the IRS. Dan Pilla’s Small Business Tax Guide will help you get set up and avoid problems with the IRS.

Audit notices…
You can get these as an individual but unfortunately your chance of audit increase with your own businessAudit notices can get your heart pumping in fear. How to Win Your Tax Audit will greatly diminish your fears as you know what your rights are and how to respond to these notices.

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Package 1
IRS Abuse Prevention Package $59
Save $10

Includes: Small Business Tax Guide and How to Win Your Tax Audit

Use these books with the following concerns and questions found in our section on
Solving 29 of America’s Most Common IRS Problems:
    Problem 1 Nobody in the IRS cares
    Problem 2 Fear of an audit
    Problem 8 The IRS added penalties to a bill determined from a tax audit
    Problem 12 The IRS mailed a computer notice claiming I underreported my income
    Problem 14 Missing receipts to prove deductions
    Problem 15 The IRS claims I earned income I did not report
    Problem 16 The IRS said my business was really a hobby — Disallowed business expense deduction
    Problem 17 The IRS’s audit results are wrong but the auditor demands I sign the report and pay
    Problem 18 I went through appeals but the IRS still says I owe
    Problem 19 I did not realize I could appeal an audit decision or believed it was too expensive


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