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How the IRS Tries to Make You Die Poor

A fascinating study of the problems with the current tax system and recommendations for a tax system that is simple, fair and efficient. In the study, Dan calls for the elimination of the income tax and the IRS.  Read this report.

Another must read:
Dan’s and The Heartland Institutes “Ten Principles of Federal Tax Policy”,

Ten Principles of Federal Tax Policy

Income tax, flat tax, national sales tax?   This report focuses on the federal income tax, since this tax collect by far the most revenue and affects the most people in the United States. However, the ten principles presented here apply to any tax system, whether national, state, county or local. Read this report.

The Untax Promise

A detailed  guide  to the popular tax protester and tax avoidance arguments. In this report, Dan debunks many myths about “untaxing” yourself.  Dan’s thorough research includes court opinions and detailed analysis of the tax code.    Read this report.

Why You Can’t Trust the IRS

This is the study that Dan produced for the Cato Institute, a leading public policy research Institute in Washington D.C.  This 1995 report shook the IRS causing major reforms and the beginning of taxpayers rights reform.     Read this report.

A Monument of Deficient Wisdom:
The Constitutional Conflict in Federal Income Tax Law Enforcement

This study was written in 2001 for the Institute for Policy Innovation while Dan was a member of the editorial board of the Road Map to Tax Reform Project. Dan’s contribution studies specifically how the graduated income tax system is fundamentally at odds with our historical constitutional principles.

The Constitution originally forbade direct, invasive taxes. The Sixteenth Amendment removed this protection and gave birth to the modern income tax, sacrificing our individual liberties, our legal principles and protections to government’s insatiable desire for revenue. A primary criterion for tax reform should be the restoration of the individual liberties intended by the Founders.
Read this report.

Why Pay Income Taxes: A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

On a large marquee outside his Las Vegas office, Irwin Schiff asked the question, “Why Pay Income Taxes?”  Irwin Schiff was a long-time tax protester who claims that “no law” requires the filing of tax returns or the payment of taxes. But as attractive as that idea might sound, Schiff’s legal theories are completely bogus.  Here’s why.  Read this report.

Why Trusts Don’t Work

This is a thorough explanation of why one of the country’s most prominent tax scams cannot work to reduce or eliminate your income taxes. In this detailed report, Dan explains in simple terms why domestic and offshore trusts are doomed to failure and what you can do if you’re already involved in one.  Read this report.

How to Get Tax Amnesty

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