Taxpayers’ Ultimate Defense Manual


Actions, Petitions and Procedures to defend against IRS abuse.

This massive manual shows you how to use the Freedom of Information Act, how to use the United States Tax Court, how to get a refund of overpaid taxes, and even how to make the IRS pay your fees and costs when you win your fight. Special material includes dealing with tax liens, innocent spouse issues and recovering wrongfully seized property.

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This manual provides nine different actions, petitions and lawsuits you can file to:

    •  Recover illegally seized property
    •  Make the IRS pay when they lose
    •  Claim a refund on past returns
    •  Protect the assets of an innocent spouse
    •  Punish IRS agents for unlawful collection activities
    •  Prosecute a case in the United States Tax Court
    •  Carry out a Collection Due Process Appeal
    •  Get tax liens released
    •  Gain access to secret IRS files they keep on you
    •  Predict future audits and collection actions against you
    •  Protect your business, and much more!
Knowing how to TAKE 'EM, FOLLOW 'EM and FILE 'EM  could mean you never have to suffer from unjust tax collection efforts.

Taxpayers' Ultimate Defense Manual

Nine Devastating Weapons Against IRS Abuse

and even

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Being unprepared and ill equipped means you may have to pay taxes that those who have this book won't.

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