Freedom Calendar



After reading Dan Pilla’s (Jr) story about how he was called into service in the tax industry, it becomes clear how Dan Sr became so outspokenly pro-freedom.

The FREEDOM CALENDAR continues his legacy of enshrining the values of Liberty in America.

This teaching tool is the perfect gift for Liberty-minded individuals who share those values with their fellow Americans.
2023 available for PRE ORDER now-  $25 per calendar with free shipping.
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KNOW Your RIGHTS! Use 'em or LOSE 'em!

The ONLY way to combat government overreach is to KNOW when your rights are being infringed upon.  The Freedom Calendar is the Perfect Daily Teaching Tool  to help you learn the ideals of liberty that were set forth by our Founding Fathers. These ideals are all but forgotten in popular culture. The FREEDOM CALENDAR is the perfect way to push back.


Learn Details and uncommon facts about the Bill of Rights in monthly detailed breakdowns.

The FREEDOM CALENDAR Can be bulk ordered and customized with a back page that will be PERFECT for advertising your brand while promoting Liberty in America.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .5 in