How To Win Your Tax Audit


Step-by-step guide to audit defense.

In How to Win Your Tax Audit Dan shows you how and why the IRS selects returns for audit, how to respond to audit notices, ground rules to establish before your audit, how to stop the IRS from contacting your bank, employer, friends, neighbors – how to keep an audit from wrecking your life. He shows you how to correct prior erroneous audits. Lost records? No problem. Dan shows you how to reconstruct those records to support your tax return. There is even a special feature on dealing with Identity Theft.

This book is a must if you file a tax return, even if you’re not presently under audit. This book should be on every taxpayers book shelve and in every tax professionals library, even if you’re not presently under audit.

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An Insider's Guide to Successfully Negotiating with the IRS

In this powerful and informative book, you’ll learn tactics and strategies to guarantee that you’ll NEVER FEAR THE IRS AGAIN!

"Accessible and user-friendly, How to Win Your Tax Audit is an excellent way to overcome one's fear of the IRS and fortify oneself against potential disaster."
-Mary Cowper , Cowper's Bookshelf -  Midwest Book Review

In this book you will find:

    • 7 Ways the IRS Attacks Your Tax Return—and How to Counter
      Take the gamble out of the game and know what you what you do not owe.
      Recognizing these bluff becomes the ace up your sleeve in IRS communications.
    • How to Stop the IRS From Contacting Your Bank, Employer, Friends or Neighbors
      With the number of third-party contacts growing fast, it is important to follow these rules to  keep the IRS from exposing your tax audit to the world.
    • 10 Ways to Prove Deductions and Verify Income
      It is not uncommon for the IRS to flatly disallow deductions or to add phantom income to your declared amount. Proving deductions can be easy, but disproving income can be a real trick.
    • 15 IRS Bluffs and Intimidations—and How to Counter
      Learn critical strategies for preventing the IRS from taking unfair advantage of you.
    • 3 Simple Steps to Effectively Challenge any Erroneous Information Return
      Tens of millions of erroneous information returns--Form 1099 and W-2--are filed with the IRS every year. Using these simple steps will ensure that you are never hurt by one of these forms.
    • 11 Essential Taxpayers Rights—and How to Assert Them
      Here are important rights the IRS doesn't want you to know. Knowing these rights is often the difference between paying and not paying additional taxes.
    • 11 Ground Rules to Establish Before Your Audit
      When you establish these ground rules before face-to-face confrontations with the IRS, it sends a message that indicates you are well prepared, unintimidated and knowledgeable of your rights.
    • 14 Secrets to Effective Communication
      Communicating with IRS personnel is a difficult task. Communicating with IRS computers is next to impossible if you don't know these secrets.
    • And much more!
      Including a special feature dealing with one of the fastest growing IRS problems, How to Prevent and Solve Identity Theft.

"There really is not a greater tax expert than Dan Pilla!   We recommend that everyone purchase How To Win Your Tax Audit."     -John Wesley Nobles, Fair Tax Radio

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