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 Taxpayers Defense Conference


The Nation’s Top IRS Conference for Tax Professionals


Taxpayers Defense Conference

Thursday & Friday
November 7 & 8, 2024


Location: Houston Texas
DoubleTree by Hilton
Houston by the Galleria

up to 14 general credits
including 2 ethic credits available.


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Annually, the IRS mails nearly 200 million letters, notices and statements to taxpayers. Notices generally fall into five different categories. The correct and timely response to a notice depends on what kind of notice it is. With the wide variety of notices we face, it comes as no surprise that they cause mass confusion, misunderstanding and anxiety, both for citizens and tax pros who are called on deal with them.

And now, to make matters worse, the IRS announced that it is reinstituting the mass mailing of millions of notices after shutting down its out-going mailing program for years during Covid-19. Even worse, the IRS announced a renewed effort to mail “nonfiler” notices to as many as 11 million tax return nonfilers.

Because of the blizzard of notices now being mailed to tens of millions of people, our 2024 Taxpayers Defense Conference will focus entirely on how to identify and respond to the five different categories of notices the IRS uses. We will deal with all of the following notices:

  • Audit notices
  • Correction notices
  • Nonfiler and Under-reporter notices
  • Collection notices

We will put heavy emphasis on collection notices so tax professionals fully recognize what constitutes final notices that carry Collection Due Process appeals rights, and which do not.

We will also feature a session that focuses on identifying notices that carry Tax Court juridical appeal rights. It is critically important to properly identify these notices, and to understand how and when to properly respond, because these notices constitute a final administrative determination of your client’s rights and remedies. Failure to properly and timely respond means that your client will lose the case by default.

Do not miss the 2024 Taxpayers Defense Conference. You will learn vital information that you can put to use in your practice immediately to save your clients money and protect their rights.

Total credit hours TBD  up to  14 credits  including 1 to 2 hours ethics credits.


Total credit hours-  up to 14 hours , including 1-2 hours ethics credit

MISSED Prior Conferences ??

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Pilla Tax Academy


Taxpayers Defense Conferences

Each year since 1993, Tax Freedom Institute founder and Executive Director, Daniel J. Pilla has presented the nation’s leading seminar for tax professionals, the Taxpayers Defense Conference. Designed specifically for tax pros in the business of helping taxpayers solve IRS audit, appeal and collection problems, Dan reveals the latest on exactly what to expect from the IRS and exactly how you can best help your clients weather the latest storm. To serve your clients in the best possible way, you need to know how to protect and defend your clients. That’s where the Taxpayers Defense Conference comes in.

Each year, Dan Pilla personally prepares the presentation topics for the Defense Conference. His topics always include the latest trends in IRS enforcement actions, court decisions, tax legislation and clients’ needs.


The Taxpayers Defense Conference is so unique and powerful in its ability to help you help your clients, it’s no wonder that more than 97% of the tax pros who’ve attended our seminar in the past say they would come back again.    In fact, many tax pros have attended this conference for more than 20 years in a row. How many seminars can you say that about?

What Others Say About These Conferences

“The Taxpayer Defense Conference is what I wait for all year.  If you’ve been to one, you know what I’m talking about—THE BEST TAXPAYER DEFENSE CONFERENCE IN THE WORLD!  I know that most of you have attended many hours of continuing professional education in your career.  And I would bet the word that best describes the majority of CPE you’ve attended is . . . BORING.  The TFI Defense Conference is definitely NOT boring.  It’s not a bunch of stuffy egghead law professors and sleepy accountants droning on about esoteric crap that might affect less than 1% of your clients.  The Taxpayers’ Conference is a hands on participation event that teaches you the best and most effective methods for solving IRS issues we deal with every day. ”  Paul R. Tom – Attorney

“The Taxpayers Defense Conference exceeded my expectations as far as useful and informative information and outlines. The information will substantially assist me in my dealings with the IRS on behalf of my clients.”     Jim C. – Attorney

“If you’ve not attended, you’re missing the best opportunity you have to network with the best in the country. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a must.   Leo S. – CPA

“Bring your toughest IRS problem cases to the Taxpayer Defense Conference to discuss with Dan Pilla and the attendees.  You will have all of your questions answered.”    Steve Klitzner – Attorney

Dan Pilla was the presenter for a webinar I signed up for. He was by far one of the most informative and influential speakers I have ever heard from all the webinars I have taken. Not only did he give us quality advice on ways to execute tax resolutions, but he also had great insight on the tax laws and changes and how they could affect clients. He is a highly knowledgeable man and a great teacher! ”   Lubna J. Channo _CPA, CTS, CTP, CTC, CTRS, Macc_

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