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WINNING Publications by Daniel J. Pilla...

The following materials, written by Daniel J. Pilla, are the most comprehensive package of IRS problems resolution materials available in America. With them you will know your rights and how to use them.

Have a tax debt problem?

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How to Win Your Tax Audit
An Insider's Guide to Successfully Negotiating with the IRS
By Daniel J Pilla

Chronicled from the files of the nation's most successful and respected

taxpayers' rights advocate.  

Dan's latest and much anticipated book is now available!

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Eliminate Taxes on Debt Income by Dan Pilla 

How to Eliminate Taxes on Debt Forgiveness

Got rid of some debt but now facing a 1099-C form and the IRS wants to tax the amount?

How to Eliminate Taxes on Debt Forgiveness teaches you all the insider tips, tricks and secrets to avoiding taxes on debt forgiveness income including:

  • Dan's simple analysis of little-known rules, laws & strategies for dealing with any 1099-C
  • Easy-to-understand procedures that guide you every step of the way
  • Forms, instructions and worksheets even your tax preparer probably doesn't know about
  • 7 different procedures to keep the IRS from taking money you don't owe
  • Dan's analysis of new tax laws that help in case of a home foreclosure or short sale
  • How to handle canceled student loans
  • 3 proven strategies to avoid the crushing effects of an incorrect or improper Form 1099-C
  • Bonus CD of live seminar with even more tips and strategies
  • And much more!
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How to Get Tax Amnesty 2016


Tax Amnesty books 400 no bkround


How To Get Tax Amnesty...

This is the book that changed the face of tax collection forever. It is Dans work that forced the IRS to modify its penalty assessment and abatement procedures, and it is Dans work that forced the IRS to revamp its Offer in Compromise program so beleaguered taxpayers now have a reasonable chance to put their problem behind them. And, Dan was the first to expose and prove unequivocally that federal income taxes were dischargeable in bankruptcy—a fact the IRS lied about for twenty-two years!

How to Get Tax Amnesty is the seminal work on IRS negotiations. If you are a taxpayer dealing with the IRS, or a tax professional who interacts with the IRS on behalf of clients, you simply must have this book. There is no more thorough treatise on tax debt negotiations available anywhere, at any price, written by a more experienced author than Dan Pilla—period. Dan is the preeminent authority on IRS procedures.

With over 225,000 copies sold, it's the most widely read and highly respected book on IRS debt settlement strategies ever written.

If you owe taxes, penalties and interest you can't pay, you can be forgiven of all or part of that debt.

It's true! You can find a solution to a tax problem you thought might never be solved so don't wait to order.


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NOTE: This latest version of How to Get Tax Amnesty replaces all prior Tax Amnesty books and Supplements.  It will be available to ship after May 18, 2016.  


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on the Wall Street Journal's Top 5 Tax Book List!

What do you do when there is a knock on the door and it’s the IRS? What do you do when an IRS correction notice comes in the mail? If you’re behind on your taxes? If you’re getting audited? In this book Dan Pilla helps readers solve even the most common problems: the tiny, easily solvable discrepancy that mushrooms into a major headache when neglected and left to fester.

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A Five-part Audio Presentation that Brings to life the Nations #1 Tax Book

Problem Solver book and CD set

Dan Pilla’s IRS Problem Solver Series is a five-part audio presentation that brings to life the #1 tax book in America, The IRS Problem Solver. This series consists of Dan’s book, plus five audio CDs and one CD containing a 26-page workbook. Six CDs in all.

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Six CD disc set only: 5 audio CD's and Problem Solver Workbook on CD.   

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Taxpayers' Ultimate Defense Manual...

This manual provides nine different actions, petitions and lawsuits you can file to:

  • Recover illegally seized property;

  • Make the IRS pay when they lose;

  • Claim a refund on past returns;

  • Protect the assets of an innocent spouse;

  • Punish IRS agents for unlawful collection activities;

  • Prosecute a case in the United States Tax Court,

  • Carry out a Collection Due Process Appeal,

  • Get tax liens released,

  • Gain access to secret IRS files they keep on you;

  • Predict future audits and collection actions against you;

  • Protect your business, and much more!

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IRS, TAXES and the Beast...

In 1984, the IRS began to implement its secret plan to audit every citizen each year. To do this, IRS set out to eliminate deductions and cash, number every person and track all transactions. This book chronicles the IRS's progress. The latest and perhaps most potent tool in its arsenal is the new "economic reality" audit. Claiming that citizens cheat more by underreporting income than by inflating deductions, IRS intends to examine every aspect of your lifestyle to find where you're cheating. It has turned the typical tax audit into a criminal investigation designed to uncover hoards of unreported income. This book is the most comprehensive audit defense guide ever written for the general public.

Limited copies left- replaced by How to Win Your Tax Audit

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How to Double your Tax Refund...

Many requested a book from Dan on how to save money on your taxes. This book is it! The smart-tax techniques discussed in this book will show you how to legally cut your taxes by finding legitimate deductions you didn't know you had! Manage you taxes by putting this simple step-by-step guide to work for you today.

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